Help Paige be with her family.

Hello dear readers.

If you’ve read this blog or followed me on Twitter for any amount of time, you’ve heard me talk about one of my closest friends in the world, Paige.

We met our freshman year of high school, when she transferred mid-year and wasn’t afraid of or annoyed by The Goth Girl (that would be me :). We’ve been through a lot together, from playing all 32 rounds of Mario Kart Wii (seriously, you try staying friends after that — litmus test of a lifetime), to saying goodbye to her beloved first car, to road trips all over the eastern seaboard, to me getting married and us both moving all over 3 states. She’s one of the steadiest people in my life, and I’m so blessed to call her my friend.

Paige’s grandfather died unexpectedly this morning. She’s been able to get time off work and she’s doing everything she can to make sure she can be in Florida with her family, but lacks the funds for the plane ticket there and the rental car she’ll need to get to her abuela’s house from the airport. Please consider helping her in this really difficult time.

Update: she’s reached her goal! Thanks so much everyone. Feel free to continue to give if you’re able, to help with meals and the time she’ll be taking off work.


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