Coming soon.

When I started blogging, I remember thinking that I had to be very careful to keep my personal writing away from my professional image. In fact, when I started realizing that Twitter was a better networking tool for me socially than it was professionally, I broke my professional Twitter out of my personal account.

I don’t know when it really started to frustrate and overwhelm me, but it has. Keeping all the different parts of me, my different interests, separate. It’s stifling.

I’m interested in social justice. And atheism and philosophy. And making Christianity less toxic for believers. And graphic design. And web design. Content strategy. Copywriting. Marketing. Email campaign management. Mental health and learning how to value myself and take care of myself. Drawing and lettering. Video games. Media. My dog. My family. My friends.

I am one whole person. And it finally dawned on me a couple of months ago that I wanted to be one whole person online, too.

And so, with the amazing generosity of Angelique, who has given me hosting on her server and helped with some of the administrative work, and the programming prowess of Jeremy, who has helped me customize a theme…I will be unveiling my brand new website sometime next week.

I’ve migrated all of this blog’s content that I wanted to keep, along with culling posts that I’ve written elsewhere. My graphic design portfolio will be there, along with my illustration and lettering portfolio since that’s taking off quite nicely. My blog will be over there, too — and I’ll be writing about everything. Design, social justice, my personal life, how I take care of myself. Everything. Everything will be there.

I hope you join me. Watch this space to see when the site goes live.


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