About me.

meIn general: obsessive geek, lover of words, passionate friend, skeptical feminist, fighter of depression, reluctant activist, survivor of sexual assault, thinker of many thoughts, struggling writer.

By trade: almost equal parts graphic designer, web designer, email campaign manager, marketer, copywriter, and illustrator.

This blog is where I contemplate different issues that interest or affect me. A lot of those issues will involve feminism, surviving various abuse, and discovering how to better interact with my world. For more on what that means for conversations on this blog, please see the comment policy.

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…love your crooked neighbor
with your crooked heart.

~W.H. Auden

2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Found you from Rachel Held Evans blog and i too am an INFJ. I found some themes in your writing that really resonates within. Fuuny thing, I also tend to live in my head, but I find it so easy to feel enveloped by emotions. Just wanted to leave a lil message letting you know I like what you share.

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